Game Shooting Introduction Day

If you have been invited on a Game Day but have little or no game shooting experience, the Game Shooting Introduction day is for you.

This is a two hour booking where your specialist game shooting instructor will focus on areas such as safety, loading the gun, the necessary equipment and all the key expressions used in the field. The session is specifically designed for those of you who wish to know the etiquette and be confident and safe on your first big day out in the field.

It is an essential and unique introduction covering not just the shooting techniques specific to your quarry, but all the other relevant characteristics of a game day. You will learn all the customs, and practice the different clay targets simulating the quarry commonly shot in the UK.

Our Cottesloe Heath ground has the ultimate Grouse Butts, High Tower and Crane, to present you with the perfect practice targets for a day in the field.

Whatever your experience, we will ensure you are completely prepared for your Game Day.

From drawing your peg number, to tipping the organisers,  and sending thank you letters to your hosts. We will teach you the etiquette and guide you on your outfit, and also dispel any of the myths to ensue you are confident and ready to enjoy your day.  The Game Shooting Introduction day will have you fully prepared with no confusion or worries.

This two hour booking can be taken individually or as a small group up to a maximum of 5 people. We recommend you bring along the gun you are planning to use on the day as long as it is available, however if you are a complete novice we are able to supply a gun for your session.  We can provide the shotguns, cartridges and safety equipment.

Pricing & Details

  • Two hour Booking
  • £220 if Booked Individually
  • Or £110 per person for a shared session, up to a maximum of 5 people
  • Excludes Clays and Cartridges
  • Includes use of a gun if required
  • Available with selected Game Shooting Instructors