Frequently asked questions for Clay Shooting at Bisley

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Is this the main Clay Shooting ground at Bisley?

Yes.  We are located on the main Bisley Camp.  Our shooting ground has over 35 stands, 5 Grouse Layouts, a High Tower and 200 foot Crane.  We have a beautiful Victorian Clubhouse offering complimentary Tea & Coffee and Bar facilities for after shooting.

Do I need my own Gun and Licence?

No. We are a shooting school and therefore you do not need to have a gun or licence or any experience. We have different calibre guns based on your height and build.

Can Non-Members shoot at Bisley?

Yes. You do not need to be a Member to shoot with us,  but if you do shoot a couple of times a month or more, Membership will benefit you with the discounted shooting and host of other benefits.

How far in advance do I need to book?

We recommend you book at least 1 week in advance, however you can book at shorter notice but availability may be limited. 

What should I wear?

Dress as if you are going out on a country walk. We are very relaxed at Bisley and are more than happy for our clients to wear jeans, chinos, shorts etc. You will be out in the woods walking around to the different stands so sturdy footwear is advisable, no flip flops! We recommend that all clients wear hearing, head and eye protection

Will shooting hurt my shoulder?

Our professional instructors will always make sure that we provide you with a gun suitable to your height and build. Most men shoot with a 12 bore, ladies a 20 bore and children a 28 bore or 410. The correct gun, along with low recoil cartridges, a shoulder pad if necessary and the correct gun mounting position will all ensure you enjoy your shoot.

What type of Cartridges can I shoot on the ground?

If you are bringing your own cartridges they must be fibre or eco wad only, NO PLASTIC WAD.

What is the minimum age requirement?

The minimum age is 10 years old.  

How many clays and cartridges will I shoot in a 1 hour session?

On average you will shoot approximately 100 clays and cartridges.

What happens if it rains?

Being an outdoor sport we will shoot in all weathers including rain and snow. The only time we will need to stop is for lightening.  

Can I still shoot if I am pregnant?

This is something you will need to discuss with your doctor.

Can I bring my dog with me?

Yes, providing your dog remains on a lead at all times and is used to the sound of gun shot.

Do you offer Gun Storage?

Yes for Members.  If you are a Member and store your gun with us please do remember to bring your shotgun licence with you as we cannot release the gun without seeing the original document.

How do I apply for a shotgun licence?

Visit the government website here for the application form and click here for help with your medical certificate which is required for your application. 

Do you have a shop?

We sell cartridges and various Bisley Merchandise items from Reception. However for clothing, specific game/clay cartridges and gun sales please visit the shop called William Evans which is located next door to us.

Do you have somewhere to leave cases and bags whilst I am shooting?

Yes, we have a room you can leave cases and bags in whilst shooting.  Items are left at owners risk, we do not accept any responsibility for lost or stolen items.

What is the closest train station?

Brookwood which is on the main Waterloo line and we are then a 5 minute taxi ride from Brookwood.

What is a number for a local Taxi company?

Brookwood Cars 01483 905905

Bobbys Cars 01483 714100