2023 Club Champions

2023 Club Champions

Posted on 9th January, 2024

We are delighted to announce our Club Champions for 2023!
Congratulations to you all! The Champion in each category will have their name added to the Club Champion board in Reception in January 2024.

1st Ben Wells
2nd Nick Brace
3rd Michael Dance

1st Heather Rudd
2nd Lisa Black

1st Charlie Ladd


If you have not attended one of our Club Shoots before, come and join us on our next Monthly Club Shoot on Sunday 21st January.

Entry will be in allotted time slots between 8:30am until 12:10pm, time slots are available in 10-minute intervals so please let us know your preferred time when booking. Five shooters will be squadded with one scorer.

You will need to pre-book and pay for your place in advance by calling 01483 797017.

For more information about The Monthly Club Shoot including pricing can be found here.