Can a Simulated Game Day ever be as good as a days Game Shooting and what's the difference?

Firstly there is one big difference between a days Game Shooting and a Simulated Game Day and that's the price! There are no birds to rear and no beaters to pay. Some will say that a Sim Day just isn’t as good as the real thing as clays will slow down whilst birds will speed up, as they fly through the guns. 

There's no need to worry about the clays slowing down!

The Sim Days at Bisley Shooting Ground take place on the Cottesloe Heath Ground which is one of, if not the, best game training ground in the country.  With 10 Grouse Butts and a tower and crane able to release targets up to 200 feet and through 360 degrees, there's no need to worry about the clays slowing down! The drives will be sure to get your adrenaline going.

Plenty of targets to shoot 

Sim days will always be more light-hearted as there is less pressure on the Guns and the organiser. The Guns can be sure they will have plenty of targets to shoot at, and us as the organiser know we can put on a good days shooting, leaving the guns to enjoy the day.

Standing on a peg with no birds flying over

With a days game shooting there is a lot of pressure on the game keeper.  Guests will have paid a lot of money and there are so many things that can go wrong.  The birds might not fly where they want them to, leaving their guests standing on a peg with no birds flying over. Most people realise this is the luck of the draw, but this can ruin a days shoot for the guns and the game keeper. To organise a days shooting will have taken the game keeper months of hard work, and at the end of the day nothing is guaranteed.

On a Sim Day you will have plenty to shoot 

On our Sim Days the targets will be challenging. We want to give you challenging and as realistic targets as possible. The targets will come thick and fast, which is another difference to a days live game shooting where they can be few and far between. On a Sim Day you will have plenty to shoot at, which in return will build your  confidence and ability to become a better shot.

What to expect and wear on a Sim Day at Bisley

A Sim Day will prepare you for the real thing, but for some, you may prefer it to the real thing! There's no need for tweeds or breeks, country clothing to suit the weather is just fine. You will need eye and ear protection, plus a hat to protect you from the broken clays that will be flying around. Gloves are a good idea, even on a warm day to protect your hands from the red-hot barrels.  Cartridges will need to be fibre wad only, and 250 will be required for the morning format and 350 for the longer format which includes a lunch.  

Our Sim Days will have a maximum of 24 guns. There will be two of you on every peg, and you will break halfway through the drive to swap around and take it in turns to load and shoot. 

Due to the amount of shooting on a Sim Day it's best to use an over and under gun as the barrels will get extremely hot, even with gloves on, particularly on a hot day. We would also recommend a light load cartridge, such as a 21gram.  We have cartridges available to buy from reception on the day, 21 gram or 27 gram if you prefer. Remember to bring your licence if you would like to buy cartridges from us.

If you are a vegetarian it's doubtful you will want to participate in a days live Game Shooting, but a Sim Day, now that's a different matter. A Sim Day is a sport for everyone, as nothing dies. 

So can a Sim Day ever be as good as a days Game Shooting? 

In our opinion yes!  And with our half day format finishing at 12.30pm, it's the perfect format for that work life balance!

Dates for our upcoming Sim Days can be found here .

The video here is from the glorious Twelfth Sim Day last year.