This is the perfect lesson for someone who has had an invite, but has little or no game shooting experience.


This course is specifically designed for those of you who wish to know the etiquette and be confident that you are both safe and competent with a gun on your first big day out in the field.

This is an essential and unique lesson covering not just the shooting techniques specific to your quarry, but all the other relevant characteristics of a game day. Your specialist game coach will guide you through all these aspects including safety, loading, the necessary equipment and all the key expressions used in the field. You will learn all the customs and practice the different clay targets simulating the quarry commonly shot in the UK. We have grouse butts and high towers to present you with the perfect practice targets during your masterclass.

Whatever your experience, we will ensure you are completely prepared, from drawing your peg number to tipping the organisers and sending thank you letters to your hosts. We will make you aware of the etiquette and guide you on your outfit and dispel any of the myths to ensue you are confident and ready. What a great way to make sure you are fully prepared for your big day with no confusion or worries.